What Do We 'Think' About This Chris Brown & Aaliyah Video?

It appears as if folks just can't seem to let Aaliyah rest in peace. Chris Brown is having his own musical séance of the late singer with his latest X single "Don't Think They Know." Lifting Aaliyah's vocals from a collaboration she did with singer Digital Black and combining it with a bit of Jon B.'s "They Don't Know," Chris waxes romantic about a love that other people seem to be speaking on without knowing much about it. It's run of the mill enough -- with the Aaliyah sample pretty much unnecessary except for the attention it brings to the song. Inexplicably, though, the track's video pays homage to Boyz n the Hood and features Chris uniting gangs in LA. What does it have to do with the song? Nothing from what I can tell, but it seems to be the start of Chris' attempt at fixing his bad public image Unity Campaign, which seeks to promote love (whatever that means). Still, the video and its weird imagery are at least awkwardly interesting as the clip forces its heavy-handed message down your throat.

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