The Stepkids Risk It All With 'The Lottery'

Up until a few of a weeks ago, The Stepkids were nowhere to be found on my radar. All that changed when I discovered their cover of Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie" and proceeded to spend additional precious time on their YouTube page watching their covers of other popular songs. I knew then they were too good not to have something up their sleeve, so it came as no surprise that they used the momentum from their videos to set up the release of their new single "The Lottery." Since I wasn't familiar with them before, this was my first taste of their blend of classic jazz, R&B, funk and '70's pop/rock in the band's original sound. Guitarist/vocalist Jeff Gitelman describes the song as being about "the gamble of different sides of life: The gamble of love, the gamble of business, and the general risk of following your heart." Plan to roll the dice with The Stepkids when they release their sophomore album, Troubadour, on September 10th.


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