‘Stay Inside’ With Raleigh Ritchie

Raleigh Ritchie is definitely an acolyte of the Frank Ocean school R&B, merging indie pop and electronic elements into his sound to create music that runs a gamut of emotions. Take his latest single, “Stay Inside.” The song touches an all too real nerve as it speaks on the need to retreat from the world when things become overwhelming. His delicate, lyrical approach to a subject many just don’t talk about is nothing short of mesmerizing and is only enhanced by London producer Mikey J‘s haunting production that perfectly captures the mood.

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But, lest you think that Raleigh’s work solely traffics in the dreary, his joyful track “A Moor” finds the R&B newcomer waxing poetic about love against a backdrop that includes sped-up coos and a pulsing backbeat. Already making a buzz with more than a few tastemakers, I’d fully expect that we’ll be hearing (and hopefully seeing) a lot of Raleigh stateside in the near future.

Check out “Stay Inside” and “A Moor” right here to hear what Raleigh Ritchie is working with.

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