Soul Of Earth Pulls In Omar To Drop Something 'Heavy'

As hard as one may try to keep up with everything going on in music, it's kind of inevitable that something will slip under your radar. That's what seems to have happened with music collective Soul of Earth's EP Electromagnetic. But, as the old adage goes, better late than never. The EP, which was released this past March, is part of a trilogy of EPs that Soul of Earth (which consists of producers Jason Orr and Craig Love) plan to release. And with songs featuring R&B royalty like Caron Wheeler ("Living in Your World") and N'Dea Davenport ("I Want U") incorporating a bit of soulful house, it's definitely worth the price of admission. However, it's the jazzy fusion of soul utilized on the EP's anchor track "This Is Something Gettin' Heavy" that will get you open. The woozy instrumentation of the song, which pulls in none other than comeback kid Omar for vocal duties, is nothing short of hypnotic as it smoothly moves along. Pour yourself a nice glass of your favorite cognac (it's Monday, I'm sure you need one by now) and get into the track below. Electromagnetic is available now via Bandcamp. Get it now, as I'm sure it'll be the best $6 that you've spent all year. [H/T: BLS]


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