Melanie Fiona Thinks You're A 'Cold Piece' Of Work

After teasing fans earlier this week with a snippet of her new single "Cold Piece," Melanie Fiona made good on her promise to release the full single today. Since the track itself is quite dope, all Melanie had to do was deliver a sweet vocal and come with the lyrics. Unsurprisingly, she did both, and girlfriend is not mincing her words or playing games with y'all. A cold piece she is indeed. I know her last album had limited appeal, and yeah, it was kinda slow, but I liked it, supported it and am looking forward to seeing how she wins the rest of you over with her new material. No word yet on the new album title or release date yet, but stayed tuned. For now, take a minute to chill out with her latest. [Photo: Keith Estep]


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