'Maybe' You'll Dig Anya Kvitka As Much As We Do

I don't say it too often, but I like it when there's a little jazz stirred into my usual cup of soul, and Bay Area chanteuse Anya Kvitka spoons out just the right amount of doses. Kvitka released her debut EP, Anya, last summer, and yeah, we (foolishly) missed it, but becoming acquainted with her and her lush n' lovely vocality through the single "Maybe" proves that it's better late than never when indulging in rich and sultry soul. The visual for "Maybe" is also entrancing and appealing to the eye, with Kvitka finding herself setting adrift on memory bliss, literally, amongst the clouds. After you ooh and aah over the visual, Kvitka has other sights and sounds at her official web spot, so play catch up by taking a peek over there as well. 

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