‘Lose Yourself’ In Kero One’s Hip-Hop Spin On Daft Punk

I know I am not the only one excited about Daft Punk‘s worldwide chart takeover with their release of “Get Lucky.” In our most recent SoundTable Discussion, we debated whether Daft Punk success could bring disco (or disco-influenced music) back to the mainstream. The answer partially lies in Kero One‘s reworking of Daft’s “Lose Yourself” that includes new synthesizers, “beefed up” drums and a mash-up of raps by Yeezus himself, Kanye West. This track shows how much potential there is to bring back the fusion of hip hop and disco in much the same way as The Sugarhill Gang flipped Chic‘s “Good Times” on the classic “Rapper’s Delight.” This re-edit sounds current, fresh and highly addicting. I am hoping that this DJ-friendly reworking will drum up demand for other artists to get to the roots of dance music in the way that Daft Punk and Kero One have done so astutely.


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