Let Jack Magma Show You His ‘SuperPowers’

Sure the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, came out last week, but can that guy craft a track that has him sound deliciously out of this decade? While you ponder that, take note of Jack Magma who does posses that ability as he lays out a retro ’80’s patchwork of synths, guitar wails and drum machines on single “SuperPowers.” As of current, I’m having a very good week with SoundCloud as this track just coasted down my stream and found me. I was immediately taken with its no frills retro vibe that knocks at the door of the mid-’80’s/pre-New Jack Swing era. I could imagine Ready For The World, DeBarge or even Jermaine Stewart ditching his cherry wine and taking this for a test drive if it was 1985. Magma, a native of Buffalo, New York, is prepping his debut entitled An Electric Purple, and if this is any indication of what’s in store, consider me all ears. Take “SuperPowers” for a spin, and download it via Hulkshare free of charge. 


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