Freddie Joachim Puts His 'All' Into These Submotion Orchestra Remixes

It's crazy how some artists seem to be in an almost constant state of creation, while others take years and years to release new material. I guess it's down to the individual and their creative process, but SoulBounce fave Freddie Joachim certainly falls in the former category. Whether it be albums, free EPs, singles or remixes, Freddie drops on to our radar at least once a month, and today he cropped up not once but twice, both times with remixes of one of my favorite Submotion Orchestra tracks, "All Yours." His first effort chops up Ruby Wood's haunting vocal and adds a warmth that the original lacked, however it's on "remix deux" that Freddie's signature head-nodding drum/spaced-out synth combo comes into play, making the track almost unrecognizable from the original. Take a listen and grab your free downloads from Mellow Orange here and here.


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