Estelle Wants To 'Call These Boys' Out

Like a battle cry to end the foolery, Estelle claims she can turn boys into men. How? I'm not exactly sure, but her new single promises high energy rapping and singing in her signature West London accent. "Call These Boys" wouldn't be complete without a few police sirens and calls to "turn up" in the background to boost the urgency of the message. Set to release a series of three mini-EPs titled Love & Happiness over the next few months, Estelle gives us a taste with the first listen from Love & Happiness, Vol 1: Love Jones. To be honest I read the lyrics to get the full picture -- apparently the fellas just want to sex her down and then in the process let her down. But she puts them in their place by telling them a ring is required. Sounds like the dating experience of a few women in major cities, which Estelle is probably familiar with having just made New York City her home. Despite the storyline, we can always count on Estelle to provide her reggae-laced singing to smooth things over. So, do we want to party to this Keith Harris production? Press play and decide if you want to give it a twirl or wait to see what else Estelle has in store.


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