Daley Reminisces On ‘Songs That Remind Me Of You’

I don’t know about y’all, but the last thing that I want to hear when I’m trying to get over someone is a song that reminds me of them. There’s no quicker way to get me deep in my feelings and rocking back and forth like Miss Sofia in a corner than hearing a song that used to mean something after a relationship has been reduced to nothing. UK blue-eyed soul brother Daley has a different approach to mending his broken heart after a broken relationship, however, on the new track “Songs That Remind Me Of You.” This is the first listen and look from his forthcoming EP of the same name with the release of the song’s music video. Daley plugs into his stereo and replays his lost love affair in his mind while indulging in some music therapy. We see scenes of Daley and his one-time lover awash in red light that signifies both their one-time passion and current pain. Daley namechecks those singers who are helping him to deal — Jill, Bonnie, Amy, Prince, Aaliyah — and I have a feeling this song itself will be added to many a lovelorn playlist and played on repeat. Songs That Remind Me Of You, the EP, will be available soon and for free via Daley’s website.

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