Zo!, Gwen Bunn & Phonte Put ‘Five’ On It

If you, like me, happened to be an late ’70s/early ’80s baby, then you surely remember the heyday of PBS’ children’s programming, with the shining star of their lineup of course being Sesame Street. Being that the Street has been instrumental in educating kids for nearly five decades, the show and its musical elements have been referenced in a lot of music and videos. Perhaps that’s why Zo! and Co. took it to the famed street for their video for sunny single “Count to Five.” Enlisting his band, Gwen Bunn and a maybe-too-happy Phonte, Zo! takes us back to the ’70s as the crew get down with a few muppets. And even though it looks closer to a Dave Chappelle skit than Big Bird and the gang, it’s still a good and fun time had by all. It’s also hilarious, with most of the comedy coming from hyperactive and hyper-cheesin’ Phonte as he dances in the background. Reach for your daishiki and get in on the fun when you check out the clip.

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