Zo!, Gwen Bunn & Phonte Have Us Down For The 'Count'

Earlier this month, during our exclusive ManMade Twitterview with the one and only Zo!, he hinted that the next single from the set could be "Count to Five." Now, with the album officially released today, it is confirmed that the track, which features vocals from SB fave Phonte and relative newcomer Gwen Bunn, will indeed by ManMade's next single. The timing for it couldn't be better. As our very own Butta proclaimed, the song is very "summery and vibrant," perfect for the warm weather that's finally starting to set in (at least here on the East Coast). As the song's groove bounces along, Gwen Bunn's voice floats into the sky and Phonte's earthy chorus provides just the right amount of balance. In short, this will definitely be the jam you turn to this summer. Given the conversation that Zo! and Butta had, I wouldn't be surprised to see visuals for this track surface in the near future. In the meantime, you can listen to "Count to Five" below and pick up ManMade directly from the FE+ crew right now.


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