Zo! Gives SoulBounce An Exclusive 'ManMade' Preview During Twitterview

I don't know how you spent your Cinco de Mayo this past Sunday, but I spent it kicking it with Zo! and getting an exclusive first listen of his new album, ManMade. It's become a tradition now for SoulBounce to get the scoop on Zo!'s albums before they are released, with this being our third pre-release session. We decided to make this particular session into an event with a Twitterview/listening party combo platter. To wash it all down, we had some Cinco de Mayo cocktails in red cups, which made for quite a hilarious afternoon. While gathered at a top secret location, Zo! and I went behind the music and chatted about each song, the album concept and the artists he worked with this time around. Check out the transcript after the bounce, and if you haven't listened to the ManMade sampler and/or pre-ordered an autographed copy of the album yet, you still have time before its May 21st release. And trust me, after hearing it, I guarantee that ManMade belongs in your collection.

#ZoSoulBounce Twitterview & #ManMade Listening Session

#ZoSoulBounce Twitterview & #ManMade Listening Session

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SoulBounce had the pleasure of hearing a sneak peek of Zo!'s new album "ManMade" on May 5, 2013, and we turned it into a combination listening session/Twitterview complete with libations to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

  1. At the secret location getting everything set up with @Zo3hree5ive for our Twitterview listening session. #ZoSoulBounce #ManMade
  2. Red cups and Haitian rum. That's how we're getting down for @Zo3hree5ive's #ManMade Twitterview.... instagram.com/p/Y8WHUgsXkt/
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    Sun, May 05 2013 13:11:47

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  3. OK @Zo3hree5ive already has me cracking up and I haven't taken one sip of my Cinco de Mayo cocktail yet. #ZoSoulBounce #ManMade

    Sun, May 05 2013 13:15:56

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  4. @SoulBounce Just make sure to keep your spellcheck is on... #BrownLikkuh

    Sun, May 05 2013 13:17:48

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  5. #ZoSoulBounce Sitting here with @Zo3hree5ive having a sip and listening to #ManMade. First up, "The Train" w/ #Syberspace. Love this jam!

    Sun, May 05 2013 13:17:54

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  6. #ZoSoulBounce So what's the story behind "The Train" with @syberspace? #ManMade

    Sun, May 05 2013 13:19:31

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  7. @SoulBounce Some dopeness Sy wrote #HashtagsandDoRags... We just shortened it to "The Train". Quirky and bright music...

    Sun, May 05 2013 13:21:19

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  8. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive So the original title of #TheTrain was #HashtagsandDoRags? Is it an ode to Black Twitter? LOL #ManMade

    Sun, May 05 2013 13:24:55

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  9. @SoulBounce It was semi-inspired by how Sheila E. used to title some of her songs.. A la "Merci For the Speed Of A Mad Clown In Summer" lol

    Sun, May 05 2013 13:27:28

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  10. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive I was low-key hoping it was an ode to Black Twitter tho. LOL Next track, maestro! #ManMade
  11. #ZoSoulBounce Where did you find @GwenBunn for "Count to Five"? This is your first time working with her right? Love her voice. #ManMade
  12. @SoulBounce @phontigallo put me on to @gwenbunn... She's DOPE. From production, to vocals, to playing... She fit perfectly in the album.
  13. @SoulBounce We shall see by this time next month. I'm scheduled to shoot the first video for #ManMade at the end of May. Could be this one.
  14. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive when choosing artists for songs, how do you decide to pair singers up? Your pairings are on point. #ManMade
  15. @SoulBounce Me and @phontigallo always have a convo about the music selected. Do you hear a male or female vocalist on it? Tone? Etc...
  16. @SoulBounce The selections are then based on availability.
    .. And simply of we think the vocalists will get it done for us.
  17. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive That's awesome. You & @phontigallo certainly have a knack for matching up the right songs w/ the right vocalists.
  18. @SoulBounce @phontigallo Looking back... We've been working together damn near 8 years now, so creatively we're usually on the same page.
  19. #ZoSoulBounce Heard 3 uptempo joints on #ManMade so far. @Zo3hree5ive you must want people to get their two-step on with #ManMade?
  20. @SoulBounce Absolutely. I want my music to make people feel good... And the uptempo joints are so much more FUN to play live...!!
  21. #ZoSoulBounce Time for the next track, "Making Time" w/ @phontigallo & @Choklate. Woooooo! Ay @Zo3hree5ive I'm bout to bust a move #ManMade
  22. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive So not only are the tracks on #ManMade uptempo joints but they are fun, happy love songs from what I've heard.
  23. @SoulBounce Shit, who wants to hear folks singin' about their damn problems all day long? ...Let's have music uplift for a change.
  24. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive Amen to that! Here's to more shiny happy music that people can groove to. OK, what's up next? #ManMade
  25. #ZoSoulBounce And now track #5 "Tell Me Something New" with @Jeanne_Jolly. Yooooooo! The first slow jam is a banger. #ManMade
  26. @SoulBounce The first joint I've ever done in 7 (a 7 count)... And @Jeanne_Jolly took NO prisoners on it.
  27. @SoulBounce @Jeanne_Jolly was already working w/@phontigallo on something else, I happened to send this to him while she was in the studio.
  28. @SoulBounce Phonte wrote something for Jeanne to sing that night... A day later, we were on the phone buggin out at the results.
  29. #ZoSoulBounce And now I'm feasting my ears on the title track #ManMade. @phontigallo holding down the vocals. Owwwww.
  30. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive Are those flutes I'm hearing on #ManMade? Oh, this is not a game I see.
  31. #ZoSoulBounce For anyone wondering where the title #ManMade came from, the song ties it all together. Awesome @Zo3hree5ive & @phontigallo.
  32. @SoulBounce Well, this is my first album as a full-time musician. #ManMade describes the very "hands on" aspects of being an indie artist.
  33. @SoulBounce I book all of my shows, play 95% of the music, help w/distro. It's like having 3-4 jobs @ once. Hard work, very blue collar.
  34. @SoulBounce The cover art even depicts the indie artist walking in to work.. A broken down building, which represents the music industry.
  35. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive That is so deep. Love how you bring it all together in such a subtle way. #ManMade
  36. #ZoSoulBounce And now @Zo3hree5ive is playing me "We Are On The Move" with @IAmEricRoberson. Yes Lawd! *steps in the name of love* #ManMade
  37. #ZoSoulBounce I see you with that disco flavor @Zo3hree5ive! This song makes me want to boogie oogie oogie. This baseline is sick. #ManMade
  38. @SoulBounce Thank you... I actually wrote this one on the bass!!
  39. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive got me about to sweat out my fresh blowout dancing to "We Are On The Move." This music is BANANAS! #ManMade
  40. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive Man, that song right there? CRAZY! I felt like I just took a trip back in time. Please share your inspiration.
  41. @SoulBounce It's basically an ode to what musically advanced kats like @LeonSylversIII were doing when we were growing up. Moving basslines
  42. #ZoSoulBounce Seriously folks, you won't be able to sit still when you hear "We Are On The Move". It's soooo good. #ManMade
  43. @SoulBounce ...NASTY rhythm guitar licks, uptempo feel great music. That layered instrumentation always gave me goosebumps even as a kid.
  44. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive Yes! The instrumentation on the track is ridiculously good and so authentic. That's all you, right? #ManMade
  45. @SoulBounce Yes, it is... Everything but the percussion on the vamp.
  46. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive How many songs have you done with @IAmEricRoberson now? You two may need to do an album together. #IJS #ManMade
  47. #ZoSoulBounce Next up on my #ManMade listening session with @Zo3hree5ive, "Show Me The Way" with @antneedee & @CarmenRodgers. Woo chile!
  48. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive Another awesome track! I haven't heard anything I don't absolutely love yet. #ManMade
  49. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive I thought that you killed it with #SunStorm but #ManMade is so far so amazing. How did you approach making MM?
  50. @SoulBounce My ideas for #ManMade were wide open. I know folks are expecting a "SunStorm 2", but that wouldn't represent growth to me.
  51. @SoulBounce It was about making music sans boundaries. Not being afraid to travel wherever I felt was best and on my own terms...
  52. #ZoSoulBounce And the eargasms continue with "For Tina." So who is this interlude about @Zo3hree5ive? #ManMade
  53. @SoulBounce "Tina" is the late-great Baatin's (of SV) sister, Tina Marie. The lyrics are a spin offa what she sang from Dwele's "Timeless".
  54. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive So given that connection, "For Tina" is a nod to your hometown Detroit? #ManMade
  55. @SoulBounce It's a dedication to her performance on that song as well as a shout to the city of Detroit...
  56. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive This electro groove is so nasty, @Choklate is getting it and @phontigallo's verse is dope. Love this. #ManMade
  57. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive So what was it like working with @Choklate on #ManMade? Love her vocals on the tracks I've heard.
  58. @SoulBounce [email protected] wrote the majority of that joint while I put gas in the car and picked up a sammich... No seriously.
  59. @SoulBounce I was eating my turkey on wheat gettin ready to finish the drive, @Choklate was writing... You know, the typical process. lol
  60. #ZoSoulBounce And now for the final track of #ManMade. No, @Zo3hree5ive I don't want it to end!!
  61. #ZoSoulBounce "You make my body rock, make my body rock, take me there one more time." Oh my damn @Zo3hree5ive @Syberspace #ManMade
  62. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive and this joint will be going on the sexytime playlist ASAPtually. Rawr. #DontStopThisBodyRock #ManMade
  63. #ZoSoulBounce I predict a baby boom next February after heads hear "Body Rock." Let me tell yall. @Zo3hree5ive @Syberspace #ManMade
  64. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive Man, what an incredible end to an amazing album. How did you approach making "Body Rock"? #ManMade
  65. @SoulBounce Each album, I like to include a slow joint and this was it... Hopefully this will be a joint folks will log off of Twitter for.
  66. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive you end #ManMade in a similar fashion to #SunStorm with a sexy-as-hell slow groove. Will that be your signature?
  67. @SoulBounce If it feels right on the next one, I'll do it again... But de sexy time joints are a MUST.
  68. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive well, you have another smoking collection on your hands with #ManMade. Thank you for keep good music alive.
  69. @SoulBounce Thank you!!! I am anticipating this release date more than anyone and I can't wait for y'all to hear this one....
  70. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive whether uptempo joints or slow jams, you kill it all. #ManMade is another winner. You have done it again!
  71. @SoulBounce Thanks so much...!!! Always a pleasure. This marks our THIRD listening session! *raises red cup*
  72. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive Thank you for spending time w/ us for #CincodeMayowithZo. The dranks, company & music were all on point #ManMade
  73. #ZoSoulBounce @Zo3hree5ive Any parting thoughts before we leave our top secret location? #ManMade
  74. @SoulBounce Yes... Shouts to the #FEMusic family and for those who haven't heard the sampler yet... Here you go! zo3hree5ive.com/2013/05/03/zo-...
  75. #ZoSoulBounce Yes, if you have not heard the @Zo3hree5ive #ManMade sampler yet, do so ASAPtually and pre-order the album too!
  76. @SoulBounce I'll be touring the album as well... Here are the dates so far. zo3hree5ive.com/2013/04/19/man...
  77. #ZoSoulBounce Thanks to @Zo3hree5ive for spending the last few hours with us for #CincodeMayowithZo! Loving #ManMade!! Available 5.21.13.
  78. @SoulBounce Absolutely... See you at the release party in DC on 5/29!!
  79. #ZoSoulBounce And that's a wrap with @Zo3hree5ive! Thanks for checking out our #ManMade #CincodeMayowithZo Twitterview listening party! Ciao
  80. ALWAYS a pleasure hanging with @SoulBounce to preview new albums. Thank y'all for tuning in to our Twittuh-view!!

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