Sasha Allen Proves We Can't Do 'Without' Her On 'The Voice'

Members of Team Shakira have been picked off one by one on The Voice, but she has one last card in this game of musical spades and Sasha Allen may just provide her with the trump card. Over the past few weeks, Ms. Allen has really stepped her game up, and last night she clocked in another powerful performance with a rousing cover of David Guetta and Usher's hit "Without You." Now, David Guetta is another one who I avoid like he has cooties, so I have not heard the original of this track to do any comparisons, but I have a feeling that Sasha's rendition kicked it to the curb. Even judge Usher and his propped up leg had to give her props for singing his song with passion, which she certainly did as she channeled her feelings for her fiancee and their family into her fiery delivery. Much like Judith Hill, Sasha Allen looked every bit of a star as she commanded the stage vocally and visually. Sasha is one to watch -- and by the time this season of The Voice is over she may just be the one who wins.

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