Morning Soul: It’s Getting Hot In Here

  •  Will Smith got back to his rap roots, performing with his son Jaden, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alphonso Ribeiro on a London talk show. [HP
  • Police are searching for a Philadelphia man who shot up a club with an AK-47 after a DJ refused to play his request. [ITM
  • Houston police shut down a screening for Kanye West‘s “New Slaves” video, threatening to arrest the crowd for trespassing. [HR
  • “Actress” Amanda Bynes became a danger to herself and others after she dissed Rihanna, saying the singer was assaulted by Chris Brown because she’s not “pretty enough.” [NYDN]
  • Chris Brown also faces possible jail time after refusing to provide his driver’s license and insurance information during a recent traffic accident. Can someone please get this dude a driver? [TMZ

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