Mario & Nicki Minaj Are On Something 'Else'

Earlier this week, Mario released "Somebody Else," the first single from his upcoming album, tentatively titled Restoration, and although it is fire, this Polow Da Don production might be an acquired taste. On the track, Mario sounds genuinely confused about the end of a relationship that he thought would last forever but thankfully the unofficial twerk queen Nicki Minaj steps in and provides a little clarification...or something like that. I wasn't really here for here, so there's that. This song sounds so fresh, and not even Nicki Minaj's presence can tarnish it. Until "Somebody Else" dropped, I'd pretty much forgotten that Mario was working on new music, but I'm glad to hear he's back and ready to go full speed ahead. Do you like his new sound, or will you be listening to somebody else?


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