Let Omar's Latest 'Speak' To You

Just when we thought we'd played the brakes off of Omar's "The Man" around SBHQ, the UK soul singer goes and drops some newness right in our laps. "Come On Speak To Me" is the second release lifted from Omar's upcoming album, also titled The Man, and further raises our anticipation of the set. On it, Omar furthers the grown man narrative he started with "The Man," this time utilizing a newfound enlightenment to beckon a potential partner in his general direction. He does this over an elastic groove that swings and sways with the slight air of a samba and compliments his vocal oh so well. While we here give "The Man" some much deserved rest and add "Come On Speak To Me" to our playlists, go ahead and give the track a spin below. You, like us, will be marking the days until June 28th when you do.


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