Jennifer Hudson Wants You To Get 'Gone'

With American Idol looking as if it's on its last legs, rumors are swirling that former Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson could return to the program as a judge. While I'm sure that would be a good look for JHud, I'm hoping that she'll finish working on her third album before she accepts the offer. And those hopes are further egged on by the surfacing of a new unreleased track from the now-svelte chanteuse. "Gone, Gone, Gone," while a typical you-did-me-wrong/I'm leaving you song, finds Jennifer in fine form. That's because she delivers a stellar vocal free (for the most part) of the oversinging she often tends to give us. It also doesn't hurt that "Gone, Gone, Gone" features production that recalls some of the best R&B slow jams from the '90s. It's not certain if this is from the studio sessions from her current project or something left on the cutting room floor from her previous two efforts. Still, this is definitely a side of Jennifer that I like to hear. [H/T: TIRNB]


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