DJ Tedsmooth Does ‘Fine’ On This Chris Brown Remix

It is with some reluctance that I write this post. I never ever ever never thought I’d be writing about Chris Brown. I’d written the kid off a long time ago and refused to acknowledge those parts of my brain that thought it liked some of his songs. Sometimes though, we have to give credit where credit it due. I don’t know where “Fine China” came from, but we had no choice but to succumb to its Michael Jackson shaded allure. Given the number of remixes that followed, we weren’t the only ones. If DJ Tedsmooth has his way, his will be the one you remember. The immediate head nodder infuses Uptown flavor with even more MJ, making it ready for an appearance at any weekend party you attend. This free download is worthy of a spot in your collection even if it does mean giving Chris Brown a fifth chance.


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