You’ll Enjoy ‘Drifting’ With Melanie Charles & The Journey

Brooklyn native Melanie Charles and her band The Journey will have you floating out of your cubicle and into another space with their chill, jazzy new single, “Drifting (Tomo).” This release follows their 2010 album, Introducing Melanie Charles & The Journey. Ms. Charles’ talent shines bright beyond her angelic voice. She also wrote, arranged, produced and played flute on the track. The song was inspired in Japan, recorded in Brooklyn and visualized in Haiti. Songs like this have me daydreaming about sunny skies, fresh breezes and treetops. Is it really only the day after Monday? I need a weekend, better yet, a vacation. If, like me, you can’t get away, let this song help you shake off the pre-Hump Day blues.


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