We 'Want' More From Olivier Daysoul

Aspiring R&B artists are always advised to stay clear of covering or heavily borrowing from any artist who is known by one name. Doing anything close to material by Whitney, Mariah or Luther will immediately draw comparisons and criticism. For me, the music of Marvin is so charged with love and passion, that everyone wishing to spread that energy should to do with caution. Olivier Daysoul takes on the challenge by putting a unique spin on "I Want You," the title track of one of my favorite albums by Gaye. There is no comparison to the quality of the original, but I appreciate Mr. Daysoul crafting a flavor that sounds modern mixed with undercurrents of the early 2000's R&B sound of Dave Hollister, Carl Thomas or Ruben Studdard. This is not exactly a cover, but just a hint of the iconic production completely throws the song into "cover" or "tribute song" territory. This is not a bad thing, it just depends on what Olivier was aiming for.


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