Thundercat’s ‘Heartbreaks + Setbacks’ Are A Sign Of His New ‘Apocalypse’

This year has been full of surprises of the musical variety. A week doesn’t pass without a new song being added into heavy rotation at SBHQ or exciting news about an upcoming project. The latest to get us open on both fronts is Thundercat, the stage name of bassist extraordinaire, eclectic songwriter and smooth vocalist Stephen Bruner. He knocked us off of our feet with his disarmingly lovely debut The Golden Age of Apocalypse in 2011, and his sophomore set, simply titled Apocalypse, is on track to do the same if the first bite is an indication of what the main course will taste like. “Heartbreaks + Setbacks” finds Thundercat once again stirring his stew of soul, pop and electronica with his voice, reminiscent of late ’70’s lite rock singers, gliding over the soundscape. Thundercat co-wrote and co-produced this newest addition to his arsenal with Mono/Poly and Flying Lotus, the latter of which he’ll start touring with on April 21st through May 25th. An important date that fans need to keep in mind is July 9th, which is when Apocalypse will be released on Brainfeeder Records. Sample the project with repeat plays of “Heartbreaks + Setbacks” and check out the album’s 12-song tracklist after the bounce.     


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Thundercat Apocalypse tracklist:

01 – Tenfold
02 – Heartbreaks + Setbacks
03 – The Life Aquatic
04 – Special Stage
05 – Tron Song
06 – Seven
07 – Oh Sheit It’s X
08 – Without You
09 – Lotus and the Jondy
10 – Evangelion
11 – We’ll Die
12 – A Message for Austin / Praise the Lord / Enter the Void

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