Take A Glimpse Into Sid Sriram's 'Mind'

A couple weeks ago, we reviewed "Winter Mind" by the talented Sid Sriram and were very impressed with his effortless and unique vocals. The genre-blending production and his calm-the-waters vocals showed that this young man has potential. Now Sid delivers the music video treatment for the track. I am a big fan of musicians not only expressing themselves vocally, but also physically. There is a high correlation between the more an artist uses the Mariah Carey-esque fluttering gospel hand and how much I enjoy myself. In this video, Sid takes it to the max with a spastic expression of how deep into the groove he can get. You can almost imagine that this video is a glimpse into the inner workings of Sid's mind. He definitely gets props for creativity and the song is still dope. Look out for his new project, West Coast Night Fall Pt. 1: Before Dusk, coming out April 17th via DJBooth.net.

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