SoundTable Discussion: Will Daft Punk's Success Trigger A Disco Revival Or Did They Just 'Get Lucky'?

Remi: Okay, all. For tonight, this is the main floor of Studio 54, and I'm the dwarf riding a greyhound, with a nine-foot braided-and-beaded wig cascading to the floor.

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D-Money: A braided troll riding a dog? So, it's a regular Tuesday night for you?

Remi: Sigh. So many ways I could go with this, D-Money. But I won't. 'Cause I'm a child of the Lord. Alright, as thine STD King, I invite you all to the Disco SoundTable Discussion. (Second time in a row, the STD title is surprisingly apt.)

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D-Money: Too easy.

Remi: You're used to hearing that, D-Money. It never shamed you in the past, so why start now?

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Butta: FOCUS!

Remi: Anyway, we're here because Daft Punk and Pharrell dug up the disco dred king himself, and made some fire happen last week. "Get Lucky" hit #1 on the iTunes charts in 46 countries. Which raises the question: can disco make a comeback?

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Zo!: I'm feeling the "Get Lucky" joint.

Butta: It sounds like a lost Chic song, for real, for real.

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Remi: Yup. I'm not mad at the Heidi Slimane for Saint Laurent styling, either. It's like Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Chic all in that bitch.

Ivory: Nile put his stamp all over this one.

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Zo!: Nile's stamp was undeniable on it.

D-Money: Yeah, from the guitar lick alone, I knew I'd love that joint.

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AudioDiva: I live for Nile's basslines.

Ivory: I do NOT, however, live for Pharrell's "singing."

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Remi: I always say, there are three types of singers:

Good Voice/Good singer (your usual suspects, LutherMariahWhitney, etc)
Bad Voice/Good Singer (Keith Sweat, T-Boz)
Good Voice/Bad Singer (Amerie/Ameriie)

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Butta: Ouch.

Remi: I love Amerie, but she can get screechy sometimes. Anyway, I always felt Pharrell was in category two. He hasn't got a real voice, but he knows how to rock what he's got.

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D-Money: True.

Remi: He isn't trying to be Teddy Pendergrass or anything, but it works.

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Butta: OK, but Pharrell's voice clearly isn't the draw here.

Zo!: Hell nah it's not.

D-Money: I like Zo! already.

Ivory: Yeah, it works in the song, but hearing him sing it live would not be necessary. And as Butta said, it's not his voice that makes it good.

Remi: But he's working with Daft Punk. So it's not like he was competing for lead vocals there. Dreamgirls, this is NOT.

Butta: It's the sound of the track and that straight up disco flavor that makes it what it is and has me so personally crunk about it and its success.

D-Money: Yeah, I'm ready for a disco revolution. I always felt like it got such a bad rap.

AudioDiva: People just care about Daft Punk's return. That's really the big draw, then that rhythm. It's perfect for the summer.

Zo!: This joint is showing that there is always room for "feel good" music -- always has been. And that's what disco was.

Remi: Yes, but again, the US is behind on things. It was #1 in a bunch of countries, of which the States was not one.

Ivory: It hasn't been completely gone from the scene though. I always felt like Jamiroquai stayed in that realm a lot. "Little L" was straight up disco.

Remi: True. "You Give Me Something" was even more disco.

AudioDiva: Exactly. Disco never really "left" in my opinion, it just got morphed over the years.

Zo!: Yeah. Disco showed up as different genres/subgenres.

Remi: But again, Jamiroquai is not eating off the US market.

Zo!: Not at all. Hell, WE'RE barely eating off of the US market! But that's a different discussion.

Butta: HA! Word, Zo!

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