Pharrell Williams Is Still Feeling 'Lucky'

While last week's headline news was a serious icky-sticky cluster of what-the-f#%*s, the glittering and gallant unicorn that came down to soothe the savage bestiality was Daft Punk's shimmering disco-fied comeback "Get Lucky." It didn't take long for the song to instantly shoot to #1 on iTunes in 40 different countries as well as become everyone's piña colada-sipping summer anthem, making it safe to say that the song is a winner. So it's no shocker that one of the "Get Lucky" collaborators, Pharrell Williams (who's gotta be a vampire or a time traveler or something as the man just ceases to age), couldn't contain his excitement for the song's popularity. During the HTC One launch at Brooklyn's House of Vans over the weekend, he gave the track its official live debut, taking the crowd to dizzying disco heights for almost a good 12 minutes (!). Sadly, Nile Rodgers wasn't present to add in his bass licks, but Pharrell still was a ring master at stirring up a party that we obviously all missed with his vibrant performance. While it's a little early to tell if swirling disco is going to replace the stark blips and blats of EDM and dubstep for this year and beyond (crossing fingers, though), I'm already bought and sold for silky Casanova funk of yore to be present on Daft Punk's upcoming, Random Access Memories, which touches down on May 21st.

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