K. Michelle Makes Her Intentions Known On 'I Just Wanna'

This Monday my favorite soap opera returned to television with the premiere of the second season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta on VH1. The most ratchet of ratchet reality shows is my guiltiest of pleasures, and I gladly got caught up in all of the southern fried shenanigans of Steebie Stevie J, Joseline, Mimi, Lil Scrappy, Erica, Momma Dee, Shay and one of my favorite characters of all, K. Michelle. Ms. Michelle endeared herself to me and many others on season one with her sass, countryfied one-liners, personal drama-filled music industry struggles and her frequent to-live-for wig changes. On this premiere episode, she was back with more of the same, but with the extra added boost of some good news: she scored a record deal with Warner Bros. That's right, during the show's hiatus K. made it happen and signed on the dotted line with the label who'll be releasing her debut album, Rebellious Soul, some time this year. Viewers got to see her in the studio cutting a song, and in an effort to strike while the block is hot, K. Michelle has released the track in full along with an accompanying music video.

After the bounce

This piano-driven song starts off innocent enough as she sings to a potential suitor that she's not trying to get involved. But that doesn't mean that she's not trying to get her freak on as she keeps it real and raw from about 30 seconds in on. My mouth literally dropped at that point and stayed open for the duration of this NSFW dirty little ditty. K. Michelle may be dead serious, but this song is hilarious to me. Coupled with the quiet storm feel of the visuals, this felt like a rated R music video parody. Switch out K. Michelle with Tracee Ellis Ross, add Kevin Hart as the neighbor across the way and the jokes just write themselves. To her credit, K. sounds great and looks good -- complete with two wig changes -- and she is expressing a way that a lot of women feel these days when it comes to sex, but I really can't take this seriously.

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