‘Don’t’ Miss Candice Glover Singing This ‘Lovesong’ On ‘American Idol’

I’ve been casually watching American Idol this season and praying for the day that Mariah Carey jumps across Randy Jackson to snatch Nicki Minaj‘s wig off. In the midst of my waiting for something messy to pop off, I’ve actually been entertained by some of the talent this year. The one young lady who I’ve been pulling for since she wowed during the season twelve audition rounds has been Candice Glover. Watching her sing I get the same feeling I got when the triumvirate of Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson and LaToya London owned season three. However, instead of those three divas, there’s only one this year and Glover has the potential to win this whole thing. Last night was a perfect example of just how good the South Carolina native is after two pretty flawless performances.

Tasked with covering a song from the Burt Bacharach and Hal David songbook, first Candice chose to sing the Dionne Warwick hit “Don’t Make Me Over.” I was kinda hoping that she went all Sybil with her treatment of this, but she didn’t New Jack Swing her version and kept it classic and classy. Her command of this song and her vocal control were both impeccable. Dionne and Sybil have some company in owning this now.

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As if her first performance wasn’t enough to have you breaking your fingers to vote for her, Candice Glover might as well have dropped the mic after singing her next cover. This time around contestants had to sing a song they wish they had written, and she chose The Cure‘s “Lovesong.” Kudos to Candice for digging this one out of the crates but it was her pitch perfect rendition (and what many are calling the best Idol performance EVER) that caused the audience to spontaneously combust into a standing ovation and even lead Mariah to glitterbomb her. Mariah Carey carrying around glitter in her purse? This makes perfect sense, and you better get into it.

With six contestants left in competition (five after tonight), Candice Glover showed that this isn’t one. She’s in a class by herself.

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