Coultrain Will ‘Make’ You Do The Math

After ushering us up to the “13th Floor,” Coultrain is continuing with his trail of free singles as he prepares for his forthcoming Plug Research release, Jungle Mumbo Jumbo. “When 2 & 2 Make 1 (An Answer),” although not featured on the album, continues to bridge the gap and tell the story of Seymour Liberty. Produced by Dexter Story, this mysteriously soulful mathematic equation serves up everything that we love about Coultrain. Describing this record as a “piece [that] serves as an allusion and a foreshadow of what occurred during his return from ‘Sabbatical,'” Coultrain is delivering an impeccable prologue leading up to this next album. As you bask in the pleasantries of this new opus, be sure to also catch wind of “Streams & Rivers,” the lead single off of Coultrain’s Jungle Mumbo Jumbo.


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