We 'Got To' Give It Up For Bluey

Titling his debut solo album Leap of Faith was a smart move on Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick's part. The founder of Incognito has in fact taken a giant one since forming the legendary group in 1980. Stepping out from under the Incognito umbrella, Leap of Faith hit stores on Tuesday, March 26th and fans of his previous work will enjoy the similar-sounding territory that he covers here. One of the tracks that definitely has that familiar flavor is the single "Got To Let My Feelings Show," which has gotten the visual treatment and also serves as Bluey's first solo music video. Bluey sings on city streets, but it's the fancy footwork of a trio of dancers to this funky groove that will have wanting to join in. Press play, and I dare you to now break out into some dance moves of your own.

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