There Are No Fireworks In Brian McKnight's '4th Of July'

Earlier this week, Brian McKnight released his fifteenth album, More Than Words. The first single, "Sweeter," was a return to form that saw Brian seducing lovers of the urban adult contemporary format. The video to the second single "4th of July" cements his transition back to his original '90's style of R&B after pushing dropkicking the envelope of any genre last year. This video shows various up close and personal shots of McKnight smiling, swooning and crooning. Maybe I have been desensitized, but back in the day intimate videos of just the artist sitting in the chair singing to the camera were compelling and in some cases romantic (see Janet Jackson's "Again"). Today, it seems boring and cheap. Even O.G. Charlie Wilson is making more compelling videos. All I am saying is that now music videos have to compete for my attention with all manners of digital media. A music video has to make me want to come back and watch it again instead of just halfway paying attention while listening to  Spotify or multitasking at work or home. Maybe it's me, but I only want to watch four minutes of Brian McKnight smiling and as my aunt calls it, "begging," once.

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