JoJo's 'Andre' Is A Work Of Art

As a big JoJo fan, let me set the record straight. JoJo is one of the most talented artists of my generation. It's unfortunate that she has been embroiled in legal tussles with her label that have prevented her from properly releasing her third album. (Her last album, The High Road, came out in 2006.) Last December, she came roaring back against many obstacles with the release of Agápē, a mixtape with some standout tunes like "Billions," "Take The Canyon" and "We Get By" that could have been hits. One particular song, "Andre", inspired by JoJo's love for men like Andre 3000 who do things their own way, caught a lot of attention. This week brings the premiere of the video for "Andre" and it prominently calls attention to the talent and beauty we are all missing out on. The video sees JoJo frolicking on her bed daydreaming and recalling memories of her artist-boyfriend who kicks convention to the side of the road. As a newly-minted (read: obsessed) vinyl collector, I loved seeing her her pay homage to Barry White and one of my favorite records, Rufusized by Rufus featuring Chaka Khan. Later, the video transitions to an art show featuring her boyfriend where he unveils a large art piece of JoJo's shapely image. With visuals like these and projects like Agápē, let's hope that musical karma brings JoJo out of legal purgatory and she doesn't end up as a cautionary tale on Unsung.

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