Hip-Hop Pioneers Go Ivy League

Cornell University will feel like Yankee Stadium on Old Timer's Day as hip-hop's founding fathers converge at the institution to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the culture. The hot bed of hip-hop, Ithaca, NY, home of Cornell University, will host legends such as Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Caz for the opening of Now Scream!, the Cornell Hip Hop Collection's first major exhibition, and the Hip Hop: Unbound from the Underground community-wide celebration of the artform. Highlights of the event include the earliest known film footage of a hip-hop performance; exhibitions of classic hip-hop photography; a screening of Wild Style, the first hip-hop movie (as opposed to Breakin' as some people may think -- there will be no Shabba Doo sightings in that film) and a panel discussion from luminaries on when they fell in love with hip-hop (said in my best Taye Diggs voice). The Hip Hop: Unbound from the Underground celebration will start on Thursday, April 4th and run through Sunday, April 7th. Visit Cornell Hip Hop Collection's website for more information about the exhibit, and to learn about the weekend's events, visit the Unbound from the Underground website.

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