Alice Russell Spreads The Gospel Truth On ‘Heartbreaker Pt. 2’

Not that I needed any sort of further confirmation to Alice Russell‘s powerhouse vocalizing ability, but her latest album, To Dust, just makes me want to throw things over how much she is being overlooked for the sheer quality she brings to the craft of song. The woman just commands and she’s killin’ it — and people need to be taking note. Proof of her continuous capability rattles in her visual for “Heartbreaker Pt. 2” where she takes it, well, literally to church. In the video, Russell plays like an instructor to a backup church choir, but don’t think for a second that this is the typical singer-with-church-choir scenario as no supporting instrumentation or flashy stage set-ups are present, it’s just the group of them using the best instrument of all — their voices. It’s all acappella, and it’s wonderful. I always preferred this particular version to the bouncy original, as I feel that the spacious blues and gospel touches of its subsequent reincarnations have Russell in a rawer, more exciting form, and here on this visual she is just that. So grab that church fan as you’ll definitely catch the spirit with this. Also keep that spirit well into next month as To Dust will (finally) arrive Stateside come April 30th.

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