Watch Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z ‘Suit’ Up Once Again

Have you had your fill of “Suit & Tie” yet? Gosh, I hope not. As the ever prophetic Remi predicted when the song first landed, it seems that Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Jay-Z are perfectly content with clubbing us over the head with JT’s latest single. It’s been performed during a pre-Super Bowl concert, it’s gotten the lyric video treatment, it was a big part of his recent GRAMMYs performance and now he’s released the official clip for the underwhelmer. Once again cribbing a few notes from Robin Thicke (Yep, I said it again. Oh snap!), Justin taps into the Rat Pack/Old Hollywood feel for the visual. While some of the club scenes are interestingly shot (the cinematography in those moments is great), there doesn’t seem to be one cohesive vision, especially once Hov’s rap kicks in and girls start dancing around in their undies with mic stands and flinging around in water out of nowhere. Perhaps if he had delved deeper into the Rat Pack concept and story instead of inserting random video tropes (near naked girls, light shows, people jumping on trampolines) it would’ve been a more visually arresting clip. As it stands, like the song it features, the majority of this affair is simply pedestrian.

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