Phony Ppl Grant Your ‘Wish’

The guys of Phony Ppl seem to be on a video bender. After releasing a clip for “Statues” (along with a performance video or two) last month, they’ve gone ahead and done us another solid, dropping the clip for the romantic “I Wish I Was A Chair.” The video puts its main focus on group member Elbie Three and the blue-haired girl of his dreams as he tells her that he’d like to feel the pressure of her pillow (which is probably the most unusual way of asking a lady to sit on your lap I’ve ever heard). But it’s not just an Elbie show, as all of the Phonies (minus Dyme-A-Duzin) get some screen time as Elbie and his girl spend a lazy day around a Brooklyn apartment. You can peep the clip below and, if you happen to be in the Northeast, can catch the Phonies’ live at upcoming shows in Brooklyn and Boston.

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