Ntjam Rosie Comes 'Calling'

Dutch-Cameroonian songstress Ntjam Rosie became a firm favorite amongst many of us here at SBHQ with the release of her 2010 album, Elle. It may have taken us a few months to play catch-up, but with her beautiful, crystal-clear vocals and effortless blend of jazz and soul, she was always going to be added to our Bounce-Worthy roster. 2013 will see Ntjam follow up with At the Back Of Beyond, her third full-length album and, if first single "Love Is Calling" is anything to go by, a somewhat departure from her previous sound. As already mentioned, Elle was smooth, silky and jazzy, but "Love Is Calling" showcases a more robust soul/R&B vibe. Whether or not this is the direction Ntjam is going for the full album is anyone's guess -- we know better than to judge a full album by it's lead single alone -- but either way I will be picking up At the Back Of Beyond when it goes on sale March 15th.

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