Get Lost In James Blake’s ‘Retrograde’ Visuals

Last week we brought you James Blake‘s latest single “Retrograde,” and while I sang its praises then, that is nothing compared to how I feel about the song now I’ve had a few days to let it sink in. In short, I adore it. Now James has released the official video, and, well, it is the perfect accompaniment to the beautifully haunting song. The video opens with an unidentified object falling to earth and then follows a female motorcyclist as she journeys to house in the woods. What follows look like scenes cut from (a gorgeously shot) sci-fi/horror movie as things start to get a little strange in the house (the girl doing sign language, floating objects). The clip ends with the previousiy seen object crashing to earth, but we don’t get to see what it is. Hopefully this is a story “to be continued…”.

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