Get 'Hooked' On What Kissi B Is Serving

Being introduced to new artists is a daily occurrence here at SBHQ, and while we're surprised often by what flies through our inboxes, there are just some artists who knock the wind out of us, make us raise eyebrows and get excited with what they deliver. Kissi B has become one such artist who has succeeded in wowing with each release. She first cast a spell with "Labyrinth," and she now comes along to continue working her magic with "Hooked." Released as part of her Free Friday music series, "Hooked" is a totally free and totally steamy R&B number that oozes with Kissi B's cooing vocals and bubbling synths, and it wins from all sides. Keep a close eye on your speakers, your headphones or whatever you use to experience music, because coming in close contact with this number might melt and warp them. You've been forewarned.



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