Fitz And The Tantrums Are In A 'League' Of Their Own

Rifling through the unorganized file cabinet called my brain, I actually recall Los Angeles outfit Fitz and The Tantrums and their catchy little ditty called "Moneygrabber." After that (and for some strange unexplained reason), I just didn't keep up, not even taking the time to indulge in their debut album, 2010's Pickin' Up The Pieces. Shame on me. Well all of that is the past now, as the group is back on the prowl and giving me a hearty wake-up call with the news that their sophomore album, More Than Just A Dream, is arriving this May, along with rightly slapping me across the face with the album's lead-off single, "Out Of My League." From the sound of things they have ditched the swinging and brassy Motown style of "Moneygrabber," and have gone for a more polished synthesized sound, reminding me slightly of the glam-slam pop-soul stylings of what the Scissor Sisters concocted during their Night Work sessions, and loads of fun the song is as it chugs urgently along. I highly suggest if you need a little pick-me-up as you crawl towards the weekend, then lean your ear and check after the bounce towards Fitz and the Tantrums as they have you covered with this delicious toe-tapper. 

After the bounce

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