Bilal Takes Us To The ‘West Side’

We’ve only got a few short weeks until we can get Bilal’s sure to be incredible new album, A Love Surreal on February 26th. After nearly overdosing on “Back To Love” and its jazzy groove, Bilal has decided to gift us with another taste of the set. This time around, however, he’s switched it up on us. “West Side Girl,” which is produced by Shafiq Husayn and co-written by Bilal and Thundercat, transports us to the West Coast as Bilal spits some game to a girl whose body just won’t quit. Delivering one of the most subdued vocals I’ve ever heard from him, Bilal keeps the vibe a bit too cool for school here, sounding a bit aloof. That doesn’t really matter, though, as the real star of the show is the funky, sticky bass and hand clap groove that propels the track. It’s almost impossible to hear it and not do the slow bop in your seat. In fact, this one will really make you want to cut a full out step or two. So go ahead and take your good shoes off the shelf and prepare to dance to this one when you press play.


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