Willow Smith Is More Than Just 'Sugar And Spice'

At only 12 years old, Willow Smith has already ignited a lifetime's worth of controversy. Whether it's about how she wears her hair, what she wears, who she's hanging with or her upbringing, it seems everyone's got an opinion. However, I think that, honestly, she's just being a kid. A kid with nearly unlimited resources and possibly the coolest parents ever, but a kid nonetheless. And, like many pre-teens, Willow is just a tad emo. That's pretty much evident with her latest track, "Sugar And Spice." Nope, it's not about everything nice, but it does show some of what Willow is made of. Sampling Radiohead's "Codex," Willow further explores the angsty side she unleashed on introspective single "I Am Me" as she sings about not measuring up to society's expectations. Honestly, while it's a somber yet beautiful artistic statement, it's a little dark for a 12-year-old. Yet (and maybe because I was a decidedly emo pre-teen myself) the lyrics and message are something I can identify with. On top of that, Willow continues to show that she'll be an artistic force to reckon with as she matures and grows. But Willow, you're kinda living the life adolescent dreams were made of right now. Next go around, can we get something just a bit more upbeat?


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