Kill Some Time With SBTRKT's 'Trials Of The Past'

SBTRKT's self-titled LP dropped two years ago, but it has remained in my steady rotation since its initial release. I haven't gone as far as picking up an African mask for myself but one would definitely say that I'm a bit obsessed with the DJ/producer's debut. That said, I welcome the idea of a new video to accompany the album regardless of how long ago it was released. Especially when that video is labeled NSFW. Album cut "Trials of the Past," which features frequent collaborator Sampha, isn't NSFW in that Erykah Badu on bath salts type of way, but more in the vein of that one Saw that everyone watched and the six others that everyone ignored. If you never understood the anxiety experienced by women when picking a new hair stylist, you'll get it completely by about the 1:30 mark of this Ross Anderson-directed visual. Gory scenes from the video bring new meaning to the "enemies" referred to in the chorus before concluding with a disturbing look at SBTRKT's affinity for masks. Stream the video before digging up this album, because I know you've already purchased it.

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