We ‘Say That’ Toro y Moi Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

Every January, there is a lull in music. Big name artists strategically release music in November and December to capitalize on Christmas sales. During this same time, Christmas music rules the airwaves. So, when Christmas is over there is this vacuum where very few things worthwhile are available until February/March. Thankfully Toro y Moi‘s video for the song “Take That” is here to fill the void. It starts out with different long shots of opulent, forest greenery that eventually zoom in on Mr. Chazwick Bundick. Then in a flash, there is a disorienting shot of Chaz behind a tree. My first thought was “this must have been a mistake,” but once I realized that these awkward shots of Toro “interacting” with nature are a part of the concept of the video I felt myself slip into fandom. I am sure I am not the only one who hears the influence of N.E.R.D and early ’90s Crystal Waters. The natural feel of the video does not degrade its quality, but reinforces the organic texture of the song. Even though I cannot necessarily get down with his dance moves, I appreciate the creativity and effort that went into crafting something unique. As someone who was not too familiar with Toro y Moi before, this was the perfect gateway.

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