THEESatisfaction 'Loves' Them Some Badu

After getting caught up in the rapture of their lovely Anita Baker homage, the Seattle duo THEESatisfaction are now taking us into the practices of Baduizm. The essence of Erykah Badu is hard to bottle due to the singer's unique and intricate techniques, yet in just seven swift tracks, they navigate the style labyrinth of Badu with mostly spacey and beat-filled instrumentals that ooze along, with hints of familiar samples and improvised vocals (plus "Game Blouses" has got to be a song title that should have happened years ago). You'll be hard pressed to not slip comfortably into the thicket of mellow minimalism these ladies have concocted. Truly, I really do dare you to resist the chill-out because with one listen while writing this up, I'm pretty much a lounged out lump for the whole day. But what I wonder now is what dame of song THEESatisfaction will tackle next -- Sade? Teena Marie? Phyllis Hyman? Oh the possibilities. Well, before getting ahead of myself, download THEESatisfaction Loves Erykah Badu at your leisure over at the duo's Bandcamp and set adrift on some Badu bliss.


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