Sophia Bastian Opens Up Portishead's 'Box'

Whew. Pass me a fan and a spray bottle of water as I need to simmer down the burn and sultry fire that Sophia Bastian has ignited by way of her brand new video for "GloryBoxed." It is no small feat to refashion and even alter lyrics for Portishead's "Glory Box," the provocative closing track to the band's trip-hop classic, Dummy, but Bastian slithers her way into a torch-singing mode and really sizzles on its reading, even giving Portishead's Beth Gibbons a run for her come-hither money. If the cover itself wasn't enough, the cinematic mood piece of the visual is equally transfixing as it follows Bastian and a dashing stranger through their court and spark a lot of teasing in-between. SoulBouncers, is your heater turned up too high, or is it just me? Bravo to Bastian for not only carving out yet another great gem from Portishead (we need to really stop with the "Sour Times" covers) but mainly for thawing us out with a real scorcher of a version.

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