Red Bull Music Academy's 'H∆SHTAG$' Shines A Light On Indie R&B

Red Bull Music Academy launched their new H∆SHTAG$ web series this week, with the first episode spotlighting R&B and how it has evolved in this digital age. With help from artists and journalists alike discussing the renaissance of contemporary R&B, H∆SHTAG$ manages to offer a decent look into the progressing independent realm that we've all become infatuated with. In the clip, Jeremy "Zodiac'" Rose, former half of The Weeknd, adds his contribution in saying, "Now that it's independent, as it is on the Internet, you can be uncompromising and your expression can be exactly what you want it to be." Also featured in the mini-documentary is Miguel, How To Dress Well, Rochelle Jordan, KLSH, BadBadNotGood, Melissa Bradshaw, Erik Kirtley and Alex Macpherson. Dig into this premiere episode of Red Bull Music Academy's H∆SHTAG$ series and look out for the follow up episode next Wednesday, February 6th.

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