Lili K. Loves And Loses In 'Never Ever'

Just in case you were wondering, Lili K. is bringing the promotion of her latest EP, Metal Petals, well into the new year. This time, however, she's showing us her softer side in the clip for "Never Ever." Unlike "Curtain Call," which found the Chicago songstress going a bit high concept, the treatment for "Never Ever" is simply Lili, a white backdrop and occasionally a love interest. That's fine, however, as this gives listeners and watchers a chance to focus on the heartbreak of the song's melody and lyrics. The Peter CottonTale-produced track finds the singer lamenting the end of a relationship as it inspires the very song she's singing. And, while the song doesn't get into specifics about what exactly caused the rift between her and her beloved, it still does a great job at conveying the emotions surrounding a break-up. If you happen to be a Chicago Bouncer and want to see what Lili does with this song up close and personal, you can check her out at Chicago's Hard Rock Cafe as she headlines a show there March 1st. Until then, you can check her doing her thing below.

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