Talib Kweli Reminds Us Why He Represents The 'Upper Echelon'

Something dawned on me while catching my first glimpse of Talib Kweli's new video for his track, "Upper Echelon." In the over 13 years that I've closely followed the BK emcee's career, I have yet to see the man without a hat on his head. I mean you figure that with all the fan photos, concert appearances, album covers and music videos out there we would've caught the dude without a brim on his head at least once. I'm well aware of the random nature of this observation, but can we really upset with an artist focused on staying in his lane? Of course not! Staying true to form, Kweli sports a fine selection of head-wear, while spitting some fierce lyrics over heavy Harry Fraud production. Talib comes at his peers with a fearless intensity that should make a mediocre emcee hang up the mic. This is highly unlikely due to the delusional sense of overconfidence ingrained in many a young rapper's psyche, but you can't blame the man for trying. If Kweli was stupid enough for some fake internet beef you could throw a dunce cap on him and insert your most despised rapper's name after a couple of these punchlines. For argument's sake, we'll just say that he's talking to all of them. Keep your eyes open for some notable cameos as you peep the Fredo Tovar and Scott Fleishman-directed video and be on the lookout for the April 23rd release of Kweli's new LP, Prisoner of Conscious.

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