If You're Looking For An 'Imitator,' N'Dambi Is Not The One

An imitator is "someone who copies the behavior or actions of another." To market their AE2 audio headphones and the Lifestyle 135 System, Bose needed an original, so they turned to N'Dambi and her "Imitator" to showcase their products' "vocal clarity and deep rich tones." Co-written with Samir Elmehdaoui, James Butler and Ronnie Breaux, "Imitator" appeared on the Dallas, TX native's 2009 album, Pink Elephant. The campaign will no doubt be a good look for the artist as more and more people all over the world are introduced to her authentic, rich, double-dipped alto. I already know that most of the time when I'm listening to music, I'm not hearing it the way the magic makers intended it to be heard, but the budding audiophile in me is itching to hear N'Dambi in her full glory. If, like me, you "Can't Hardly Wait," go ahead and hit play to enjoy following along with the new lyric video as N'Dambi cuts an imposter who's outstayed his welcome down to size.

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